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 [PINNED] Read this before posting!

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PostSubject: [PINNED] Read this before posting!   Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:44 pm

Quote :
Everyone is required to follow the rules stipulated here. Failure to comply with the rules, whether by accident or on purpose, will be meted with the proper consequences.

1. Before posting anything here, please make sure you have read the EXO Philippines Forum Rules, the FAQs and the specific forum rules in specific forums. Your question may have already been answered in those threads.

2. You are only allowed to start threads about the forum itself.

Examples of Allowed Topics:
  • My signature keeps disappearing!
  • Is there something wrong with the PM system?
  • There's a glitch with the forum!
  • I have a suggestion for the forum

Examples of Disallowed Topics:
  • How old is Lu Han? (There are threads in the forum for the members)
  • Will EXO ever come to the Philippines? (Topics like these are to be talked about in The Cafe)
  • Youtube isn't working for me. Help! Sad (These are also to be talked about in The Cafe)
  • What are your current desktops/Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook accounts? (Again, please put these kinds of posts in The Cafe)

Thank you very much for following the rules!
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[PINNED] Read this before posting!
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